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Transactional services

While conducting business it is necessary to conclude the deals connected with the purchase of business, capital assets, shares of companies, etc.

Corporate Practice Law Firm renders the services related to the legal support of transactions being concluded in relation to Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

Among the transactional legal support we render the following legal services, including without limitation:

  • legal due diligence of different scope and different objects (corporate due diligence, contractual due diligence, tax due diligence, intellectual property due diligence, labor due diligence, environmental due diligence etc.);
  • deal structuring (creation of several variants taking into consideration the optimal deal structure, time, financial and other resourses necessary for the implementation of the scheme) and creation of the agreed scheme;
  • term sheet preparation and negotiating of conditions of sale / purchase;
  • preparation of all necessary agreements to be concluded in relation to the deal (including share sale and purchase agreement, shareholders agreements, pledge agreements, guaranty agreements and other agreements ensuring the fulfillment of the obligations);
  • full negotiation support, including preparation of the pre-negotiation position, creation and implementation of the negotiation strategy, analytical support of the negotiation process;
  • organization of successful fulfillment of the corporate procedures necessary for implementation of the deal structure (including documents of the managemnet bodies of the parties etc.);
  • obtaining of all necessary approvals and permits from the state authorities;
  • support of the court actions in case of deal implementation and negotiations;
  • solve the issues related to the succession;
  • work with assets and obligations during aquisition;
  • monitoring of the possible risks and elaboration of the measures for their elimination;
  • legal support of deal closure.

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