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What we offer?

We offer more than 700 complete agreements, international commercial contracts, powers of attorney and proxies, charters, minutes, labor agreements, confidentiality agreements in the Russian and English languages for all occasions. All come with a legal guarantee.

With years of experience in this field, we understand stand the needs and expectations of our foreign clients doing business with Russia - clarity, predictability, effectiveness, and legal guarantees. Business people focus primarily on the negotiation of commercial terms and conditions. After those negotiations are completed, they are often pressed by time to execute an agreement quickly, without giving it due attention.

Some of our  foreign clients also face the problem of due to rejection by their Russian of the international templates used by such foreign clients in other countries, regardless of whether the foreign client is from an Anglo-American common law country, or a Roman-German civil law jurisdiction.

In such cases it is easier and more effective for a foreign company planning to work with a Russian partner to have its own template of agreement / contract – one that is fully compliant with the requirements of Russian law, and specifically addresses the protection the foreign company’s interests. We draft such agreements for all standard business transactions:  Distributorship, Dealership agreements, Sale and Purchase Agreements, and Payment.

In such cases, the cost of our template is an excellent investment. It reduces negotiation time with the Russian partner, eliminates legal of risks, and offers a legal guarantee of contractual quality, one backed by one of the leading Russian legal firms working in Russian and International contractual law.

Each legal document and international contract we offer is designed to be used in a specific situation,  such as protection of a particular party of the contract, etc., clearly stated in each contract’s description. The agreements are written and formatted in a way minimizing the need for revision. Clients just need to insert particulars such as names, addresses, banks details of the parties, name of the goods/services, and price of the goods.

Why it is advisable to purchase a ready agreement in our Internet Shop and not to try to find a free

First, the key risk is obvious – you will not have any legal guarantees to fall back on. We work officially and offer legal guarantees.

We examined many of these free online documents and find that they were not enforceable agreements, but a mere collection of some legal phrases that could never adequately constitute a proper agreement with a Russian partner.

Moreover, agreements need to be adjusted for particular supply conditions, and so on. Our agreements, bilingual in the Russian and English languages, contain a systematic outline of the particular conditions widely used in the commercial practice. Adjustments for different supply and payment conditions are embedded throughout the contract in order to better protect your interests. This attention to legal detail for the protection of a particular party is manifest in all our templates, whether for either a distributor or supplier in a Distributorship agreement, supplier or buyer in a Supply contract, and so on.

What legal guarantees we offer?

We are so confident that all our templates of international contracts and other legal documents in Russian and English languages fully comply with all applicable requirements that we offer a full money return guarantee if you prove that our template of international contract or other legal agreement is not in compliance with applicable law.  

We constantly review and upgrade our international contract templates and other legal documents to incorporate the most current information regarding the law and its application. When a ready agreement in our Internet Shop is purchased, clients are entitled to an upgrade service for one year.

All our documents are created or approved by the Head of Corporate Practice Law Firm and created on the basis of the hundreds of similar international contracts and other legal documents.

You are free to cancel you order and have your money returned to you at any time prior to its delivery to you.

How I can find the document I need? How to determine particular conditions of the international cont

You can find the international contract or other legal documents in one of the following two ways:

  • Using the Search Form - just type the term of Incoterms and type of payment (down-payment, letter of credit) in the field "TEXT OF THE DOCUMENT"
  • In the Menu at the left column of our Internet Shop - just click at the Category of the Contracts or other legal documents you need and then find the document you need there.

If you need an international contract related with the supply of goods (e.g. delivery contract for export, supply contract for import, distributorship agreement, dealership agreement) it is necessary that you clearly determine the term of Incoterms and procedure of payment.

Brief descriptions of each of the Incoterms are reflected in the categories of our Internet Shop, as well as in the description of each of the contracts.

We can help you by finding the international contract or other legal document you need if you will fill in and send us the questionnaire at

What if we will not be able to find the template agreement exactly corresponding to our situation?

We will examine the work involved in amending an agreement to your precise situation, based on your completion of a questionnaire, and then quote you a price for the work. We can deliver a customized agreement within two to four business days.

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