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Drafting of template agreements

It is very comfortable, to have the template agreements used in business operations. In practice it lets to save energy and time considerably, as well as there is no necessity to negotiate and check their content.

The specialists of Corporate Practice Law Firm can draft for your company template agreements that would consider the specificity of your business. For this purpose before the drafting of these contracts we discuss the main factual issues, that must be reflected in the contracts. After the receiving of such information we examine legislation, precedents and prepare for you the template agreements that will be used in business activity of your company. 

The template agreements prepared by our firm are very comfortable for use and consider all applicable law requirements, issues of law enforcement practice and our best practices. We consider not only civil requirements, but tax issues and others (i.e. currency, customs aspects and so on), as well as a place and role of transactions in the common structure of the client's activity, for which the model contracts are drafted.

We specify different variants of terms wording, it depends on different circumstances.

We are ready to prepare model contracts in Russian or in English languages (or bilingual contracts). Besides that we also can prepare other model documentation (appendixes, acts, etc.).

Why us?

  • We have a great experience of preparation, examination and negotiation of various contracts for the clients, working in different economic fields, that let us know in detail the specificity of clients' business and offer the decisions that really correspond to the clients' interests;
  • We not only prepare and examine the contracts (including the template agreements), but we represent the interests of our clients in negotiations with their business partners (as well as with foreigners) in relation to the conclusion of the contracts;
  • All our lawyers speak English fluently, that let us prepare the contracts and other documents of high quality in Russian and in English languages.

To obtain the information concerning our legal services, terms, fees, as well as to apply for the legal services you need please contact us:



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