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We successfully registered 4 more trademarks!



Natalia Biryukova becomes the expert of one of the largest professional legal database



Corporate Practice Law Firm becomes the Member of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Corporate Practice Law Firm became the Member of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry


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     » IP Protection in court
               » Representative Office and Branch of a Foreign Legal Entity
               » Registration of Legal Entities
               » Foreign investors acting on the basis of agreements
               » FAQ on Russian Companies registration
               » Legal Services for New Companies
               » Contracts with Russian partners
               » Distributorship agreement
               » Exclusive distributorship agreement
               » Dealership agreement
               » Representation of the client’s interests in negotiations with business partners
               » Drafting of template agreements
               » Complaint for debt recovery
               » Real estate in Russia
               » Investment project
               » Acquisition of rights to the investment object
               » Financing scheme for the project
               » State registration of Real Estate
               » Types of Ownership
               » Land Rights
               » Drafting and legal examination of real estate contracts
               » Preparation and filing of documents necessary for state registration of the right to ownership to real estate and transactions therewith in State registration bodies
               » Legal support of mortgage
               » Real estate sales and acquisition
          » Intellectual Property
               » Foreign employees
               » Permission for Employer
               » Elaborating labour agreements and other documentation
               » Labour relations with company’s management bodies
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