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Legal Services for New Companies

Corporate Practice Law Firm - comprehensive legal services

You have created a new company, representative office or branch in Russia? Congratulations!

Now you need to obtain the package of documents necessary for the normal operating of your new entity.

Some of the documents must be in every organization according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation. In the absence of these documents, e.g. agreements (including labor agreements) the organization simply will not be able to work. From the very beginning of the organization it is also necessary to create optimal document flow and approval procedure for all main decisions made by the organization.

Specialists of Corporate Practice Law Firm will create for your new entity all necessary documents, including without limitation:

  • local acts and corporate documents (including those that must be in a company according to the legislation, and those that should be in every organization for protection of your business interests and effective operating);
  • standard form contracts for the main business operations and other standard form contracts;
  • labour agreements with the employees and management of the entity;
  • document flow procedures, etc.

Corporate Practice Law Firm will also help you to conclude the agreements with your business partners in Russia and abroad, and support day-to-day operations of your Russian entity in full or in some legal aspects.

Corporate Practice Law Firm:

  • Our specialists have considerable experience working in Russian and foreign companies acting in the different spheres of economy. That gives us the fullest understanding of specifics of activity of each particular client;

  • We have large experience in representation of the clients during negotiations with Russian and foreign business partners in relation to the concluding of all types of agreements and contracts;

  • We have deep academic knowledge and will create for you the schemes and agreements of all levels of difficulty, that will be enforceable and fully comply with the legislation.

To obtain the information concerning our legal services, terms, fees, as well as to aplly for the legal services you need please contact us:


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