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Registration of Legal Entities

Corporate Practice Law Firm - professional registration of a Russian legal entity

Our firm renders the legal services on "TURN-KEY" REGISTRATION OF RUSSIAN LEGAL ENTITIES:

  • limited liability companies (Russian abbreviation: OOO);
  • closed joint stock companies (Russian abbreviation: ZAO);
  • open joint stock companies (Russian abbreviation: OAO);
  • non-profit organizations

Foreign companies can be sole owners or co-owners of Russian companies (other owners can be other foreign companies or Russian companies or individuals). To read more about legal status of Russian companies please follow this link.

We ensure the most comfortable fulfillment of all necessary formalities regarding establishment of a new Russian company - we will:

  • create all the documents in Russian (as namely the documents in Russian will be submitted for the registration) and in English (for your convinience)
  • ensure adequate translation of all your comments regarding the content of the charter documents of the company into Russian
  • answer all your questions regarding establishment of the Russian company, its taxation
  • assist in notarized translation of the documents regarding foreign mother company in Russia
  • assist in obtaining the official address to be reflected in the charter documents of the new company (obligatory according to the legislation)
  • create the charter documents individually for your needs taking into consideration particularities of your business and corporate structure
  • recommend the best way to protect the interests of your company in charter documents of the new company
  • the representative of the stakeholers will need to go personally to state authority only once (this is a requirement of tax authority that one of stakeholder should submit the documents in person) - if there is no such a possibility - we will also help to solve this
  • all other actions after submission of documents for the registration we will do without presence of stakeholder (on the basis of Power of Attorney)
  • advise on the bank and assist while bank accounts opening (if necessary)
  • ensure registration of shares according to the legislation (obligatory for joint stock companies)
  • help to obtaing the working permits for the director and employees (if necessary)
  • help with bookkeeping and tax reporting (if necessary)
  • help establish labor relations with employees (if necessary)

In relation to establishment of a new Russian legal entity the following procedures must be completed:

  • Preparation of drafts of the charter documents of the new company, corporate decisions of the foreign mother company, applications form
  • Submission of the documents for the registration to the Federal Tax Authority
  • Registration with the State Statistics Committee
  • Registration with state non-budgetary funds (the Pension Fund, Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund and Social Security Fund)
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Notification of tax authorities about the opening of bank accounts
  • Production of a company's seal

To establish a company, a foreign investor has to prepare a comprehensive list of documents required by the Russian law. All documents from the home country of a foreign legal entity must be notarized and apostilled and a notarized translation into Russian must be provided.

To obtain the information concerning our legal services, terms, fees, as well as to apply for the legal services you need please contact us:

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