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Permission for Employer

An employer who wants to hire a foreign citizen should apply to a federal interior authority or its regional board for an invitation for the foreigner enabling him or her to enter this country with the purpose of working, as well as a permit to invite and employ foreign personnel, which is issued upon presentation of conclusions provided by a public employment institution. A foreigner who comes to the Russian Federation on a temporary visit can receive a work permit on condition that his or her employer has deposited in a special bank account a definite sum of money required by the foreigner to buy a return ticket home. This is done in case this foreigner violates the law and is eligible for expulsion from the country. When the visiting worker goes home on the expiry of his/her contract, the deposit is to be returned to the employer.

Permit for engaging foreign labor force is obtained by a company for the period no longer than 1 year.

Permit for engaging foreign labor force fixes:

  • quantity of foreign employees the company is entitled to engage within 1 year;
  • employees' positions;
  • employees' citizenship.

The company has no right to employ foreign citizens whose citizenship or positions differ from those indicated in the permit.

On hiring a foreigner, the employer must see to it that this foreigner receives a work permit, to produce documents required for the foreigner's registration at the place of residence and to notify a tax body on employing a foreigner. The employer is obliged to inform an interior institution of any violations by this foreigner of contract provisions. There are the same reasons for refusing to issue a work permit as for granting the status of a temporary or permanent resident.

In accordance with the Russian Federation Administrative Code, an employer who has violated the regulations for inviting and employing foreign workforce, is subject to a fine worth ten to twenty minimum wages. If these rules are violated by a foreigner or person without citizenship to be employed, he/she is to be fined five to ten minimum wages. If a foreigner's term of residence or temporary visit in Russia is cut short under certain circumstances, this foreigner must leave the country within three days; if his/her temporary visa or residence permit is annulled, he or she is to leave within 15 days. If these terms are not observed, the foreigner should be deported either at his own expense or the employer's funds or the diplomatic corps of his country or the Russian budget.


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