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Corporate Practice Law Firm became the Member of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry


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Our Clients

Among the clients of Corporate Practice Law Firm LLC there are companies from different industries of economy, including without limitation:

      • Chemical industry
      • Metallurgical industry
      • Publishing industry
      • Pharmaceuticals and Medical industry
      • Cosmetics industry
      • Construction industry
      • Consulting and Services industry
      • Informational Technologies industry
      • Touristic industry
      • Consumer goods manufacturing industry
      • Wholesale and retail, distributorship
      • Food industry
      • Real estate
      • Human resources, Head hunting
      • Advertising
      • Television


We created "industry-based" solutions allowing us to time and cost effectively solve any issues our clients are facing.


Below we are listing some of our clients.

Emhartglass, swiss company, producer of technological equipment and plants for glass ware production being imported to Russia. Corporate Practice Law Firm advises Emhartglass regarding protection of its interests in Russia in the contracts with Russian companies / buyers

Furniture from Manufacturer, Group of companies

SenatorCompany - large Russian

Light Fly. Business Travel Agency, e-commerce, selling tickets via internet

FB Consult, Global Business Partner and Silver Development Partner of Sage CRM and partner of BI-company QlikTech, member of international CRM Guild and IASPC. Corporate Practice Law Firm represented the interests of founders of FB Consult while sale of share to the new shareholder

MILK WEST GROUP OF COMPANIES, Russian importer, distributor and trader of dairy products from European Union, mostly - Germany. Corporate Practice Law Firm helped to create the contracts related to the trade, registration of trademark and license agreement

Euroklei, Large Russian production plant and importer and trader of industrial glues used for different industries.

ALIUM, Moscow Region, large production plant of blood substitutes. Corporate Practice Law Firm helped to protect the interests of General Director in relations with shareholders

Russian office of International company D-Link. Corporate Practice Law Firm created main template agreements used by D-Link in Russia

Moscow Office of European trader of kitchen furniture. Corporate Practice Law Firm assisted in creation of system of template contracts used in Russia



Investstroy Company (Investconstruction), part of Russian Railways Holding. Corporate Practice Law Firm assisted during negotiations with Lithuanian company regarding lease of road repairing equipment




Russian trading company, Exclusive representative in Russian Federation of Hi-end French bijouterie (N2). Contract concluded with legal assistance of Corporate Practice Law Firm.



Moscow Region Television Channel



Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Russia, Corporate Practice Law Firm provided detailed legal consultations regarding Russian labor law and practice of its application. Consultations were provided in English language.


 Moscow Office of Italian consulting company IC&Partners. Corporate Practice Law Firm helped IC&Partners with projects in Russia.



ARTEMIDE, Russian legal entity of Italian producer of illuminating equipment. Corporate Practice Law Firm helped to protect interests of Italian shareholders in Russia in relations with Russian shareholders



Russian-US Group of companies "PRIVATE DESIGN". Corporate Practice Law Firm created all main international contracts necessary to import luxury furniture from USA to the Russian Federation, helped to negotiate them


FIBA-BIORITM, large production and scientific plant producing sublimation products from vegetables and fruits, very popular in Russia.



Credo Group. Corporate Practice Law Firm rendered legal support of several international contracts concluded by this client


Rosexpert-Personnel, HR agency


Next-Trade company, city of Voronezh, Large trading company selling imported equipment for oil and gas companies



Internet store of imported equipment for fishing



MUZTOWN.RU Internet store of imported musical instruments


Import-Export company trading with Italian companies "IMPORT-EXPORT ITAL"


"Trade-Service" – Large Russian importer and distributor of baby-food from European Union, including Germany. With assistance of Corporate Practice Law Firm concluded exclusive contract and became exclusive representative of a German producer of baby food in Russia.


7RISHI - Trading company importing visual information monitors from Democratic People's Republic of Korea


Russian trading company importing variety of equipment to the Russian Federation


Russian trading company, concluded with assistance of Corporate Practice Law Firm exclusive distributorship agreement with Italian producer and supplier of leaf gold


SESVanderHave, a leading company as a result of a merger between SES and VanderHave, having a 100% focus on the development, production and distribution of higher yielding and more competitive sugar beet varieties.





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