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Legal support of business activity

To hire a legal consultants to support day-to-day business operations of the company is absolutely essential.

For preparation and execution of new business projects, protection of investments and conclusion of agreements it is necessary to evaluate legal, tax and other substantial consequences and risks.

Practice tells that even for the companies having internal legal department to contract a legal firm is always a plus. In cases where the tasks require specific knowledge and experience, cooperation among the in-house lawyers and legal firms can ensure successful execution of the project.

Within the Legal Support of Business Operations Corporate Practice Law Firm renders the following services, including without limitation:

  • conducting corporate procedures (e.g. general shareholders meetings etc.);
  • drafting and legal expertise of the agreements to be concluded by your Russian entity with Russian and foreign business patners;
  • representation of the clients in the negotiations with counteragents in relation to the agreements;
  • work with claims (litigation);
  • registration of changes in the status of your Russian entity, branches, representative offices;
  • labor issues;
  • intellectual property protection;
  • tax issues;
  • legal due diligence (corporate due diligence, contractual due diligence, intellectual property due diligence, environmental due diligence, tax due diligence, etc.)
  • advising, including legal opinions and memoranda preparation on different issues of Russian and international law.

We successfully solve the issues on legal support of business for the companies of different levels operating in different sectors of economy.

Each of the aforementioned and other services can be rendered to the client both separately and in complex that will be determined on the individual basis depending on the particular client's needs - in the form of legal support of day-to-day business operations of the client (outsourcing of legal function).

Sometimes for projects' realization it is necessary to create a team of specialists in different branches of law. In such cases we employ complex approach to the project: project team will be formed from several specialists being experts in their field.

To obtain the information concerning our legal services, terms, feed, as well as to apply for the legal services you need please contact us:


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