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Subscription services for companies (outsourcing of legal services)

Subscription outsourcing of legal support for a company - monthly legal support of company operations connected with fulfillment, in a whole or in part, of functioning of legal division of the company.

The most frequent reasons to use subscription outsourcing of legal support are the following:

  • The volume of arising legal issues is not so large to hire a lawyer, but legal issues always arise and demand to be resolved;
  • The volume of arising legal issues allows to hire one lawyer, however tasks are diversified and can't be solved by one specialist.
  • The volume of arising issues allows you to organize a legal department, but you prefer to concentrate on core business, and you transfer to us the solution of concurrent legal issues;
  • Legal department of your company is overbusy and it's necessary to involve additional specialists to solve arising legal issues;
  • You need an additional warranty of chosen solutions to be correct and that's why you entrust external legal advisor with consideration of separate legal issues and solutions therewith.

Subscription outsourcing of legal support can be applied for companies which have in-house lawyers, as well as for companies which don't have such lawyers.

Specialists of Corporate Practice Law Firm render the following legal services to the extent of subscription outsourcing:

  • oral and written advice on the matters of various issues of law and legislation;
  • drafting and due diligence of contracts and other legal documents (both in connection with core business, and of general nature);
  • participation in the negotiations when concluding a contract and drafting of preliminary contracts;
  • elaboration and due diligence of company's local regulations (charters, regulations, labour and other agreements, orders and so on);
  • legal support and holding of corporate procedures (i.e. general meetings, etc.);
  • labour relations and personnel records management;
  • litigation (drawing of claims, substantiated responses on claims, participation in negotiations regarding claims adjustment, etc.);
  • collection of debtor indebtedness;
  • legal support of foreign economic activities;
  • other issues connected with business operations.

Corporate Practice Law Firm renders a full range of legal services, required in business operations.

Detailed score and volume of legal support are subject to individual determination, and depend on real needs of your company for qualified legal support to be rendered. We can provide you with full legal support of you company, as well as to advise you on the matters of separate practices (i.e. conclusion of contracts, litigation, corporate procedures, personnel records management, and so on).

Advantages of outsourcing of legal support:

  • Ten lawyers at the price of one. The whole law firm with specialists in different fields supports you, but not 1-2 staff members;
  • Time saving and cost cutting. You don't spend your time and costs to choose and document your employee. There is no necessity to equip an individual work place for a lawyer, to acquire legal database systems, and always pay to renew them;
  • Efficiency. Enough legal resources and accumulated wide experience allow us to solve the tasks in a fluent manner.
  • A law firm cannot be sick, don't go on vacation, don't retire, don't go to the competitors;
  • For subscription outsourcing you don't need to pay Uniform Social Tax, Personal Income Tax, as well as to make leave allowance and to pay sick leave. And instead of illegal salaries, you can decrease on the cost of our services;
  • You can be absolutely sure in keeping commercial secrets, it's one of the main principles of our work;
  • We are aimed at positive results for our Client. The firm is financially responsible to a Client, its well-being and financial condition directly depend on a Client.

To obtain the information concerning our legal services, terms, fees, as well as to apply for the legal services you need please contact us:




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