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Business Start

Corporate Practice Law Firm - all legal services in relation to Business Start in Russia

The form of legal presence in Russia influences all aspects of activity including possibility of making deals and tax consequences of the deals, financial and tax accounting and reporting, possibilities to save money under customs, currency control legislation, ability to employ foreign nationals, repatriate income, application of international treaties and many others.

Particular attention must be paid to Russian business modeling to be made PRIOR setting up legal presence in Russia.

Foreign investor in Russia may:

    1. Create its branch or representative office in Russia
    2. Establish a Russian legal entity wholly or partly belonging to the foreign investor
    3. Conclude contracts / agreements with Russian companies on rendering of services or supply of goods (sale-purchase, distributorship, dealership or agency, etc. models)
    4. Purchase a business in Russia wholly or partially (e.g. by purchasing shares of a Russian company)
  1. Purchase a real estate object in Russia

Corporate Practice Law Firm provides professional legal services in Russia regarding each of aspects of activity of foreign company in Russia

Corporate Practice Law Firm helps the foreign companies by the following:

  • advising on the choice of the optimal form of business and applicable legal requirements (e.g. licensing, etc.) including information on the timing, procedure and costs for the particular actions
  • registration support of the Russian legal entities (all legal forms of commercial and non-commercial organizations), branches and representative offices
  • accreditation of the branches and representative offices of foreign companies in the Russian Federation
  • preparation of the documents necessary for obtaining of necessary approvals, licenses, permits, etc.;
  • legal services for newly created Russian companies, e.g drafting of standard form contracts, including agency agreements, distribution agreements, contracts for sale and other agreements being used in the business operations, internal acts and corporate documents, labour agreements, drafting of system of contractual work, etc.
  • legal support of all types of agreements being concluded by foreign companies and Russian partners
  • provision of the information regarding the good-standing of the Russian business partners
  • due diligence during the purchase of assets or business in Russia and assistance during the purchase process
  • by rendering of any other legal services that may be necessary

To find more information concerning legal regulation of foreign investments in Russia please follow this link.

Why Corporate Practice Law Firm:

  • All our lawyers are really fluent in English
  • Average experience of our lawyers is 10 years after graduation
  • Our lawyers have graduated from the largest Moscow Law Schools, more than a half of our lawyers has LLM / scientific degree in Law
  • Lawyers have proven experience work for international and largest Russian companies (PwC, Alcoa, Mechel, etc.)
  • We do understand the expectations of the foreign companies coming to Russia and operating here and will be able to meet all your expectations

To obtain the information concerning our legal services, terms, fees, as well as to apply for the legal services you need please contact us:

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Legal support of business in Russia

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